20.1. 2021

A Fusionism Event to celebrate the eviction of Donald „AGENT ORANGE“ Trump from the People’s House


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Shalom Tomas Neuman was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in the aftermath of WW II. He is the last surviving male of a large Jewish family, most of whom perished in Nazi Germany’s Holocaust. His family escaped from Prague’s Communist regime in 1948 after his father’s name was placed on a Communist death list. They immigrated to Haifa, Israel where he spent his childhood. When he was 12 Shalom, his sister and his parents immigrated to Pittsburgh, PA. He has lived in the United States ever since and made New York City his home in 1980.

Shalom Tomas Neuman

Shalom received a BFA and MFA in the dual disciplines of painting and sculpture from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1970 and 1972, respectively. He won the Damrosch Scholarship to study in France where he received The Beaux Arts painting prize. Shalom did his post graduate fellowship in painting and sculpture at Indiana University. 

Shalom was the recipient of the Premio Galileo 2000 Award for Art XV Edition, presented at Teatro della Pergola, Florence Italy on September 23, 2013.

Shalom resides in Pennsylvania and works out of his studio in Easton, PA. He spends part of the year working in Prague where he also maintains a home. He has taught at The Cooper Union, Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute of Technology and has been a visiting lecturer at The School of Visual Arts, Yale, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Beer Sheva College and Ra’anana Cultural Center in Israel. He has been exhibited extensively in galleries and museums in the United States, Europe, South America, Asia and Israel. His work is in the collections of the National Gallery of Prague (Czech Republic), Museum Kampa (Czech Republic), Kafka Museum (Czech Republic), Ellis Island Museum (New York), Museum of Modern Art (Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA), Museum of Modern Art (Nice, France), Museu Da Image E Dom Som (Sao Paolo, Brazil) and the private collections of Elaine DeKooning (East Hampton, New York), Enrico and Roberta Baj (Milano Italy), Rosa Easman (UBU Gallery, New York), Chemical Bank (New York), Paolo Martini (Rome, Italy), Miguel Cardia (Portugal), and Ivan Karp (O.K. Harris Gallery, New York) amongst others.

Shalom Tomas Neuman, Premio Galileo 2000, Florence, Italy
Video by Norma Drimmer

Fusionism is the movement of the 21st century. It seamlessly bridges the existing barriers between all artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, light, sound, performance theatre, digital art, written/spoken word and music/sound. Its goal is to make the individual disciplines indecipherable from one another, fusing them together rather than separating them, thereby creating a multi disciplinary and multi sensory environment where artists are free to use anything and everything at their disposal.

Fusionism a genre that is predicated on being multi-sensory, on being inclusionary, not exclusionary, on incorporating as much of our surroundings as possible including technology. To be contemporary art must be about more than paint, canvas and structure. It must include the technology of our world and the iconography of our culture if it is truly to be considered “current.”

At a Fusionism event spectators are encouraged to be participants, not merely observers. Fusionism is free artistic space without borders and everyone who wants share the art and merge with fantasy is welcome.